You Know You Work At Greenlight Apparel When…

By July 30, 2012Uncategorized

We’re not your average apparel company. Aside from doing things a little differently on the business side of things (e.g. donating 25% of our profits to causes we believe in like microfinance and education), we’re a fun-loving crowd with a propensity for causing a little bit of chaos (the good kind) whenever we hit the road for race expos or get together for late night merchandising sessions. Don’t tell us you’ve never sat in an office till 9 pm with a hang tag gun and thousands of shirts. No? Hm. Maybe that’s just us. We’ll put it onto the list of “things that happen when you work at Greenlight Apparel.”

Curious to see what else is on that list? Well, lucky you, we’ve got it right here. Drumroll please. You know you work at Greenlight Apparel when:

  • You’ve had at least one inappropriate encounter with a mannequin at a race expo. Instead of helping you out of your accidentally awkward position, your co-workers stand around and laugh or fumble for their cameras so they can get documentation for the blog.
  • You own a Momentum shirt. Possibly two. Ok, fine. Three.
  • When you’re out with your friends you suddenly become really excited as you point at random strangers and say “That’s one of our shirts. See it? There’s another one. The US Half one, right there!? See it?!”
  • You have race shirts from races you haven’t run. You spend a lot of time awkwardly explaining why you’re wearing a marathon finisher shirt for a marathon you didn’t even enter.
  • The thought of assembling clothing racks fills you with dread.
  • You’ve raced over to IKEA and completely cleaned them out of hangers. Twice.
  • You can explain microfinance in 60 seconds or less.
  • You use the phrases “Corporate Social Responsibility” “Fair Trade” “Organic Cotton” “Microfinance” and “I want a donut” on a daily basis.
  • You once valeted a U-Haul van because there wasn’t any parking in downtown Sacramento.
  • You can say things like “Remember that time we valeted the U-Haul?”
  • One of the suggestions of things to do at the office holiday party was skeet shooting. The other was going to the San Francisco Academy of Sciences. Diversity is important.
  • Working includes going to the House of Air in San Francisco and jumping on trampolines. It was for a photo shoot. Honest.
  • You are a walking encyclopedia of races around the country.
  • You post funny dog pictures on the company Pinterest page even though they have nothing to do with running, athletic apparel, or social justice. You may or may not have also posted a video of a duck running.
  • At race expos, you spend the entire day in the convention center and still have no idea where anything is.
  • While manning the storefront at the Costco roadshow, you make friends with all of the free food sample vendors. Immediately.
  • You always have to explain where Fremont is in relation to San Francisco.
  • You’ve received at least one lecture on why eating sugar is really bad for you and why you should cut it out of your diet. You went for a week and then gave up. It’s important to be healthy, but after running 26.2 miles, nobody should deprive themselves of a donut. Nobody.
  • You get to go to really amazing places like Uganda and meet with wonderful people doing incredible things to end poverty, fight injustice, and empower individuals around the world. You’re really happy to be a part of that.
  • You like donuts. A lot.