What Pinterest Taught Us About Runners

By July 11, 2012Blog

Runners like state of the art running watches. They like the OC Marathon race shirts. They like that pasta recipe from Runner’s World for a pre-race dinner. They even like the inspirational quotes about never giving up and dragging yourself out bed to pursue the runner’s high.

They like Brooks running shoes, pink compression socks, chia seeds, and workout plans. They like Born to Run and epic photographs of stunning trail vistas. All of this they like. It makes them smile, receives an occasional like, maybe a repin, sometimes a comment.

But, according to our Pinterest boards, what runners really like are margaritas, donuts, and references to zombie apocalypses.

We’re not surprised.

Here is a list of the things we’ve always suspected about runners, but needed Pinterest to confirm.

Runners Prefer Margaritas to Gatorade

We’ve had our suspicions about this one for awhile, but we chalked up the Berkeley Running Club’s propensity for margarita-flavored Shot Bloks to…well, being from Berkeley. But apparently it’s not just us. Margarita-flavored Gatorade, anyone?

Runners Generally Prefer Any Alcoholic Beverage to Gatorade
Not seeing too many Gatorade pins on Pinterest. Just numerous references to IPA being the best recovery drink for ultra runners. If you run with the Hash House Harriers they might kick you out for choosing Gatorade over an alcoholic beverage. Just kidding. But you don’t get the “alcoholics with a running problem” shirt.

Runners Like Cupcakes.
“You know what I really want after this 15-mile run? A kale salad.” – said no one ever. We want donuts, ice cream, potato chips, french fries, chocolate and an IPA to wash it all down, thank you very much.

Runners Might Possibly Be Zombies
Ok, this one was surprising, but our most popular pin/Facebook post of all time was a shirt referencing a zombie apocalypse. We suggested it as a training shirt for long runs or maybe a race day shirt. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought that was the. best. idea. ever. Who knew? Maybe runners secretly relate to zombies. Halfway through 26.2 miles, you pretty much feel like one. Minus the whole feeding on other people thing. That hasn’t really caught on. Must…refrain….from….bath….salt…reference.

Runners Like Photos of Cute Dogs
Because who doesn’t? Runners are human after all. Maybe. We might also be zombies. In that case, zombies also enjoy photos of cute dogs. You learn something new every day. The most popular photos for runners/zombies portray dogs sticking their nose into the camera with a caption along the lines of “it’s 6:00 a.m. You’ve slept long enough.” Anyone who has trouble getting up early for a morning run should invest in a border collie. Or three.

…Not as Partial to Ducks
Not one like or repin on a video of a duck going out for a run? Really, you guys? Really?! We’re disappointed.

Runners Like Motivational Posters Advising Them to Run “Like You Stole Something”
With the number of likes on this motivational race day message, it would appear that a large number of runners have experience “running like they stole something.” Such a deviant crowd. Guess that’s why we’re runners and not ballet  dancers. Nothing against ballet dancers. It’s just that, with the exception of Black Swan, you’re not exactly known for being the wild and crazy ones at the party.

Runners Like Being Reminded to Give 100%
Except when donating blood. They say running can kill brain cells so it’s important to have these reminders about not giving away all of your blood. There are cookies involved when donating blood and it’s common knowledge that runners can get carried away when it comes to cookies. After 26.2 miles most are on the verge of selling their soul for a cookie. Or a beer.