About Us


Who are we? Well, we make running apparel. You can also wear it for yoga or while you’re running errands. You know, like saving the world, taking your dog to the park, or maybe just watching TV on the couch. That’s cool. We won’t judge you.  We’re pretty laid back about that sort of thing. What we’re not laid back about is social responsibility. We take that very seriously.

We started out making finisher shirts and merchandise for races like the US Half Marathon, the Chicago Half Marathon, and the OC Marathon. People keep telling us how comfortable, cute (the men’s ones are less cute. More manly), and generally awesome our shirts are. And then they ask us when we’re coming out with a retail line.  We’re working on that.

So we make awesome apparel and we’re expanding quickly, but that’s not all we’re about. In 2007, on a visit to India, Sonny Aulakh met with cotton farmers living on less than $4 a day After returning home, Sonny couldn’t stop thinking about those farmers and was inspired to develop a business model that challenges the way the apparel industry currently does business. Greenlight Apparel is the product of that business model.

Committed to social and environmental responsibility, we’re actively pursuing steps to end the vicious cycle of poverty around the world, a cycle that is often exacerbated by bad business ethics.

Determined to help support the community-based organizations working hard to break their communities out of the cycle of poverty, we’ve committed ourselves to organizations like the Women’s Microfinance Initiative working to empower individuals around the world by providing them with access to financial services and education.