OC Marathon Highlights

By May 15, 2012Blog

Even though it’s exhausting being on your feet all day, I really do enjoy it when we get to head to race expos to man the Greenlight Apparel race merchandise booth. A few months ago we were at the California International Marathon, then there was Pat’s Race in Arizona, and last weekend we headed to southern California for The OC Marathon.

Aside from getting to hang out with a bunch of runners and enjoy the warm southern California weather, our trip included the following highlights:

We Rented a Truck
Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound that exciting, but look at this thing. It was enormous and slightly unwieldy. The shocks on this 13-foot beast were shot to hell so we spent most of trip bouncing along highway 5. On the plus side, none of us got carsick and we did get to experience the novelty of truck stops as well as going through the scales on the freeway. It’s the little things in life. Next time we’re getting a radio.

The OC TasteFest
Anything that combines a running event with a food event has my full support. Also there were coconuts. Although the straw wasn’t particularly useful in trying to get at the actual coconut. They should consider serving it with a machete. I’m just saying.

In ‘N Out
They have a vegetarian option. Mind blown.

Army Strong
Sunday morning we needed help setting up. Monika said an army of volunteers was on their way to help us out. I didn’t think she meant it literally, but within five minutes a dozen uniformed soldiers were breaking down stands and moving race t-shirts and mannequins. It was kind of amazing.

And then this happened. In my defense, those mannequins are a little awkward to carry around. On a less awkward note, the OC Marathon shirts turned out great.