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The Inner Monologue of a Runner

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When people tell me that they admire my dedication and willpower for getting out to go run, I smile and then I feel grateful that they can’t hear what goes on inside my head before I actually get out to run. Don’t get me wrong. I love to run. I adore it. Read More


How to Run Downhill Efficiently

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Most runners look forward to descents. Provided the hill is at a gentle angle and you haven’t just had knee surgery, running downhill feels like relief. It’s a chance to catch your breath and relax a little after a grueling hill sprint. Until you start mountain running. Read More


OC Marathon Highlights

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Even though it’s exhausting being on your feet all day, I really do enjoy it when we get to head to race expos to man the Greenlight Apparel race merchandise booth. A few months ago we were at the California International Marathon, then there was Pat’s Race in Arizona, and last weekend we headed to southern California for The OC Marathon.

Aside from getting to hang out with a bunch of runners and enjoy the warm southern California weather, our trip included the following highlights: Read More