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Yikes! Vibram in Hot Water

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A few weeks ago reports surfaced that Vibram, the company that sells the FiverFinger footwear and champions minimalist footwear, is facing a federal class action lawsuit in Massachusetts. The plaintiff is arguing that the company has greatly exaggerated the benefits of its products and says there is no proof that running in a pair of FiveFingers will improve posture, promote spine alignment, strengthen muscles, or reduce injury.

So, what do you guys think? Read More


Why Kids Are Awesome (And Why They Should Stay in School)

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Every time I look at this photo, my heart turns inside out. I miss this little bit. She’s three. She doesn’t say much, but she likes to hold my hand and sit in my lap while just staring at me. While sitting on the grass watching the women play netball, Robyn and I find ourselves encircled by children. I give up trying to watch the game and look down to find this little bit of a child crawling into my lap with a giant, if not mischievous, smile.

She melts my heart right then and there. Read More


In Defense of Trail Running

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I spend most weekends slipping down muddy trails chasing after nothing in particular for no reason in particular. It’s called trail running and most of the people in my social circle seem to think it’s an activity that is best left to the insane, masochistic, and stupid. I’m not even going to try to defend myself against those accusations, but trail running. This I have to defend. Read More


Motorbikes, Mbale, and Microfinance

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I’m sitting on the curb when the shopkeeper at the fabric store shuffles out, dragging a chair behind her. She smiles encouragingly and I dust myself off before accepting the chair. Perry is perusing bolts of fabric in this closet of a fabric shop. It’s a sensory overload with bulging rectangles of color shoved into every available space. Incense permeates the air as it burns steadily before a statue of a Hindu god and the sound of scissors slicing cleanly through fabric punctuates every word. It’s intoxicating, but I’m not a shopper and before Perry has had the chance to pick out even one style of fabric, I’m already bored. I retire to the plastic chair. Read More


Six Gross Things That Runners Do

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Something happens to me when I put on my running shoes. Normally, I’m a pretty respectable citizen. And by respectable I mean someone who follows traffic laws, says “please” and “thank you,” and doesn’t think it’s appropriate to urinate on the subway system (yeah, that happened). Read More


How I Was Nearly Mauled by an Ant: A True Story

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In the grand scheme of things and of all the creatures that could have bitten me in Africa, I recognize that an ant is probably not that big of a deal. It could have been a crocodile, a lion, or a malaria-bearing mosquito…just to name a few. However, I’m not going to let a little detail like reality get in the way of my dramatizing an account of my near death experience. Despite what my Mother has to say about the matter, I don’t have that many of them so I like to make the most of the ones I do have. Read More


The Donut Dilemma

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Standing at the donut shop in my running tights, I’m reasonably cognizant of the fact that I stand out. My kind aren’t supposed to frequent donut shops. We’re supposed to be standing in line shouting over the din of the blenders at Jamba Juice or sipping non-fat lattes and nibbling primly on bran muffins at a local coffee shop.

But I like donuts and Sunday is donut day. Read More


Running in a Circle? I Totally Got This

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Have you guys seen this?

I like the last one. It basically sums up a) why I started running and b) why I avoid the hurdles. While I find Prefontaine especially inspiring, the real reason I started running has a lot more to do with my ineptitude at other sports than any real running talent. Let me explain. Read More